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When Monica had an idea to bring a Jackson Pollock-inspired paint party to the patients at CHLA, we knew we would also be bringing joy to those kids! What we didn't expect is how much joy we would receive in return.

Alongside art therapists and child life specialists, children from toddlers to teens created masterpieces.
Click on the album at left to view the paintings offered pre-sale at the "Buy it Now" price. To donate or purchase a painting, click on the orange button on the right. If you are purchasing a painting at the "Buy it Now" price, the final step at checkout will be to complete the "Recognition To" box where you can enter the name of the painting. If the gift amount reflects the "Buy it Now" price for the painting, it's yours!

Your gift supports expressive arts and therapies where sometimes the best medicine isn?t medicine at all. We invite you to purchase a piece of this empowered art. Join us in honoring the need for kids to be kids in the hospital.

- Monica Gambee and Eleanor Randall

Help support my fundraising efforts with a donation to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Your tax-deductible gift will help fulfill the hospital's mission to create hope and build healthier futures for the families of Southern California and beyond. Thank you!

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